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Hello and welcome to the Volume 13 of Hot Off the Press! These newsletters have taken off in the last few months and we couldn’t be more excited to continue to share some fabulous projects along with relevant marketing topics that help boost your brand each month. In this issue, we spotlight a recent project for the St. Augustine Humane Society, lay out our thoughts and actions on giving back to your community during the holidays, examine the process of each job as they work their way from beginning to end, highlight some Kessler inspiration for your next custom box, and recap the Kessler costume contest. Enjoy reading and we’ll see you next month!

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will accept. Encourage neighbors and friends to help and spread the joy together!

Start a Toy Drive Toy drives are an easy and effective method of giving back to children in need throughout your community. Search local toy drives such as Toys for Tots where you can drop off donations you collect and inquire about the deadlines and requirements before beginning your toy drive. Promote that you’re doing a toy drive on social media and email so that any customers or friends who stop by can leave toys in addition to your staff or family members. Donate to Local Nonprofits Nomatter where you are, the chances of a well-respected nonprofit being close by are higher than you might think. Identify a nonprofit that supports a cause near and dear to you or your organization to add more meaning to your efforts. Donating to nonprofits also serve as a possible tax deduction for your organization making it a win-win scenario. You show you and your organization care about and support local community efforts, and you could get a tax break. Volunteer in your community Whether picking up shifts at a homeless shelter, planting trees, building a house, picking up trash, or volunteering at a charity event, putting yourself and your organization out there shows your willingness to contribute. Get the most out of a volunteer opportunity by applying any unique skills you have and contributing to an issue that’s important to you. How Kessler is Giving Back This holiday season, Kessler Creative has started a toy drive to support our local Toys for Tots in Jacksonville, Florida, in addition to donating to several local charitable foundations. Kessler has donated multiple print projects and given financial support to charitable and mission-driven foundations such as our local Ronald McDonald House, The Florida Ballet, The PXG Women’s Match Play Championship, the East Coast Women’s Pro Golf Tour, and the YMCA. Kessler has always been invested in our local community and this holiday season will be no different. Get out there and support your local community this year! You won’t regret the benefits you, your organization, and your community sees from your contributions.

Giving Back During the Holidays

The holiday season is often referred to as the most wonderful time of year. A time centered around the greater good, finding the perfect gift, celebrating with family and friends, spreading joy, and giving to those we appreciate most. Not just for family and friends, but also for the communities which keep us and our businesses going. Why Giving Back Is Important A simple answer is to show you care about supporting your community, but there’s much more to this story than fostering a proper social image to promote. It’s easy to get lost in the commercialism and luxuries of the holiday season that many get to enjoy. For some, the holiday spirit we know so well can be hard to come by and make life even more stressful for those less fortunate. Giving back shows you and your business embrace the truemeaning of the most wonderful time of year. The holidays have always meant to be a time for unwavering togetherness, community, and giving back to those in need. Set Up a Food Drive Hosting a food drive is a great way to give back to those in need during the holidays. Be sure to collect non-perishables such as canned foods and soups with long shelf lives. Also find and contact a local food bank, such as Feeding America, before you conduct your drive. Doing so ensures you collect the type of food the bank Ways to Give Back This Season



cover story A Behind the Scenes look

If you are using a targeted list, Kessler’s list team will use multiple databases to make sure that you are making the most out of your marketing dollars by targeting your ideal audience. We take the stress off our customers by making sure that our data management is always in compliance with government regulations.

Our design team creates show-stopping marketing pieces that drive responses and results for our clients. They work with you to make your vision come to life. Once approved, your marketing piece goes into the pre-press process where our designers prepare the file for print.

When you contact our office to place an order, you’ll connect with one of our marketing experts who will thoroughly discuss your marketing needs with you. Once details are discussed and your order is placed, our design team steps in to work their magic!

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at your letter mailing !

Once your artwork has been triple- checked for accuracy, it will be sent to print. Did you know that Kessler creative has over 25,000 sq. feet devoted to our print capabilities to meet our clients’ needs? No matter the size, medium, or amount, we’ve got your back!

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After being printed, your piece will be cut, folded, and inserted into the appropriate envelope for mailing. Envelopes will then run through our inkjet to get addressed.

Finally, your order is put onto a delivery truck and makes its way over to the post office! If it’s not mailing, you’re more than welcome to pick up your order at our office at any time as well.



cover story

Project Spotlight: St. Augustine Humane Society 2023 Calendars Each year, on June 1st, the St. AugustineHumane Society launches their Pin Up Paws campaign. It starts with owners submitting photos of their pets and “campaigning” for votes. Each vote is worth $1, and proceeds go directly to the St. Augustine Humane Society. At the close of the contest in mid-August, the top 13 pets with the most votes are announced. (Sir Thomas raised the most votes this year at a paws-itively amazing $2,834 to get the cover spot!) The 12 second place winners are each featured on a calendar month and smaller daily spots are also saved for the next 12 runners-up. The top 13 winners each get a professional photo shoot and are designed to fit into the calendar theme. Then, they are sent over to the Kessler team for print! For the last few years, the Kessler team has had the pleasure of printing these calendars. They are distributed at the Humane Society’s annual party, where the décor is styled to coordinate with the calendar design! This is the 12th year of the Pin Up Paws campaign, and this year contestants raised a total of $33,428!



Inspiration from the Experts: the art of the box

First impressions are everything. Custom designed packaging is highly visible, memorable, and advertises for you. With a well- designed package, your customers will see you as a valued brand. A customized packaging box is one way to sell your brand’s story and leave your brand’s identity and message resonating with customers. It makes you intentional and gives you an edge over a host of competitors.



Employee spotlight Kessler Core Value: Dedication Our core value of Dedication means holding fast to the purpose of Kessler Creative to find creative solutions for our clients that help build their business. Never giving up nor waiving off the ultimate goal of completing the task at hand. Thank you for showing your dedication every day!

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The Kessler team had a “fang-tastic” Halloween! Each year, our staff battles it out for 1st place in our annual costume contest. Check out our winners below!

1st place: Sam Karlo as Kat Jones

2nd place: napoleon dynamite

Isaac Manning, Alex Columbo, and Erika Benzaquen

3rd place: bob's burgers

kim collier, ashley tapanes, and fatima gulamali

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