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Hello and welcome to our latest edition of Hot Off the Press. February is a month about showing those you care about most love, and for us, that’s you! We love working with you on each unique project that helps grow your brand towards success. In this issue, we share ways you can show your customers love, a new segment you should target to maximize return, and some clever ways to attract more business with your mailers. We also left something special for you at the end of this month’s issue, so be on the lookout for it!

A Message from The President

“People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care.” Theodore Roosevelt



Showing your customers love!

1. Send them a love note Post a love note on your social media feed or include it in their next purchase. Here are a few tips for sending an authentic, heartfelt love note to your customers: 1. Make it personal: address your customer by their name. 2. Make it specific: mention a specific exchange or purchase to ground your note. 3. Make it short but sweet: be concise and to the point, while maintaining a tone of authenticity and appreciation. 4. Make it last: let them know you look forward to connecting with them again in the near future! Often overlooked until the last minute, many marketers fail to appreciate how much direct mail offers mean to customers and how much they can drive ROI. In a mailbox filled with bills and ads, an enticing offer shows your customers you care and helps you stand out from the rest. Include an offer in your next direct mail campaign to show your customers appreciation while incentivizing them to utilize your services. 2. Offer a discounted service or a promotion

3. Celebrate with them Keep record of your customers’ birthdays or anniversaries so that you can send themwell wishes on their special day. Something as simple as a birthday card with a $5.00discount on their next purchase canmake your customer fall in love with your brand. Through variable printing, you can personalizemessaging on each uniquemail piece. Through this type of personalization, you can connect with your audience on a level that other brands aren’t. 4. Host a giveaway Promotional giveaways keep your company on theminds of potential customers and encourage visits to your site or store. Hosting a giveaway can also work well in building a sense of community among your business and its customers. It’s also a great opportunity to liven things up and create a sense of fun and excitement that will keep new and existing customers coming back. Here are a few ideas to get you started: • Offering tickets to a local event • Offering a service, such as a free oil change or house cleaning • Offering a one-of-a-kind or special edition product in exchange for a referral • Launching a giveaway in advance of a new product release to generate excitement



New Mover Marketing Business owners, executives, and marketers alike are always trying to find ways to tap into new markets that will benefit their brands. One of these markets is the new mover market. New movers are big spenders, on average spending upwards of $10,000 within the first 6 months of moving on new services and products. With approximately 30 million Americans, or about 10% of the U.S. population having moved in 2021, and about 40 million moving yearly on average, the lucrative new mover market gives your business great opportunity to secure loyal customers for the long-haul. You may think new mover marketing is simple, involving sending them coupons to attract business, but this market has become complex over the years. They are willing to try new brands and seek new services meaning with the right approach, you can secure their business. What Defines a New Mover New movers are defined as those who have moved within the last 12 months, although its important to tap into this market within the first 6 months, as this is when this demographic is making most important decisions. The Profile of Today's New Mover Before we get into the “norm” of new mover demographics, let’s point out that the average American moves 11-12 times in their lifetime, meaning the profile of a new mover is never set in stone. With that out of the way, the typical new mover is fully employed, living with a partner or spouse, aged between 25 and 34 with a couple kids, and has a household income under $100,000. Why Target New Movers New Movers are Big Spenders

Earlier, we pointed out that new movers spend upwards of $10,000 on average within the first 6 months of moving into a new property. This market is motivated to try new products and services, as roughly 90% say they are likely to try new brands for products and 88% say they are willing to try a new service provider. New Movers Are Willing to Become Loyal Customer Building on this segments willingness to try new products and brands, it’s important to know new movers are also fresh starters. Meaning that if you reach them before your competitors, there’s a high chance you can secure their business long-term. This gives new movers a higher lifetime value. Kessler Has You Covered Our immense data and list capabilities at Kessler Creative give you the ability to target new movers in your area. You can also combine the new mover segment with several other demographic and/or geographic characteristics to narrow down your ideal customer. Targeted lists tend to convert at a higher rate, so be sure to take advantage of the data we have for your next campaign!



In today’s digital age, it can be easy to forget how effective direct mail still is and the role it plays in making your business more profitable. Kessler Creative has pushed the barriers of direct mail for over 15 years, constantly innovating and reducing stress on our clients. Even with our expertise and market knowledge making life easier, there are still some hacks you can implement that will separate your marketing mail from the competition. Top Mailing Hacks

Include an Offer Promotions, coupons, and discounts entice customers to give you a call or visit your website at the minimum. The whole point of a marketing campaign is to get your foot in the door, then you can work your sales magic to close a lead. Including an offer such as a free trial or percentage off a product or service with a targeted mailer makes for an even more effective combo.

Use Targeted Lists Targeted lists from Kessler Creative offer many advantages over every door direct mail campaigns. You’re wasting money and effort if you are sending your ads out to people who, based on demographic information, would be automatically not interested in what you offer. There are many ways to target from age, income, gender, location, how many children, pets, type of cars, etc. It’s truly mind-boggling the possibilities of targeted lists.

Use Self-Mailers Self-mailers are defined as mailers without envelopes. This removes the extra step of opening the envelope and allows the recipient to view all your card elements right away. Even a few more seconds with your piece in a customer’s hand can be the difference between receiving a phone call or website visit. Self-mailers also save you money as the production process is more streamlined and simpler.

Include Scent One of the best ways to stand out in the mailbox is to include unique elements virtually no other piece of mail has. Say you sell food or décor, including the scent of what you offer catches the customers senses which causes them to give a little more attention to your mail. Ever smelled something cooking and got a craving for it suddenly? Well the same effect can be had with your mail piece.



Ways Kessler's List Capabilities Upgrade Your Mailer

Reduced cost: Rather than spending a bulk of your marketing budget on large-scale marketing campaigns, it is always smart to keep it as specific as possible, ensuring there are no marketing dollars wasted. This helps reduces your overall marketing costs and helps you get valuable responses. Personalization: You can tailor all your messages according to the exact needs of your targeted audience. This way, you can reach out to them using highly personalized direct mail to get their attention. Personalization becomes very easy when you use targeted mailing lists instead of anonymous ones. Kessler’s mailing lists can help you narrow down your audience to be as granular as you’d like. Capture new markets: You can discover new markets and capture them easily using targeted marketing. Targeted direct mail lists can help you use geographical locations, hobbies, age, gender, annual income, and other factors to classify markets and capture the relevant ones through proper planning and advertising.

Retain old customers: Retention of old customers is very important for repeat businesses and long-term relationships. With customer mailing lists, you can conduct timely loyalty programs or appreciation mailing. In these campaigns, you send out new offers to old customers to encourage them to keep buying from you, or you can simply send them something as a token of appreciation to strengthen your relations. Retain old customers: Retention of old customers is very important for repeat businesses and long-term relationships. With customer mailing lists, you can conduct timely loyalty programs or appreciation mailing. In these campaigns, you send out new offers to old customers to encourage them to keep buying from you, or you can simply send them something as a token of appreciation to strengthen your relations.



A love letter to our clients

While Valentine’s Day tends to focus on romantic love, at Kessler Creative, we believe that love is infinitely more than romance. It’s in the daily decision to respect each other and do the right thing that leads to trust within our partnerships. So, this is our little love letter to you, dear clients. To our past clients, thank you for the valuable lessons you’ve taught us. Your feedback has made it possible for us to stay in business for 15 years. We look forward to working with you again in the very near future. We like to say it’s not “goodbye”, but instead a “see you later.” To our current clients, you may not know this, but we devote full days to finding creative ways to help your business succeed through direct marketing solutions. It’s in helping you reach success that we feel fulfilled as a company and as a team. There’s nothing we love more than hearing about how great your trade show went, or how many customers came through your doors thanks to a highly targeted postcard they’ve received in the mail. Although we took the time to write our thoughts in this letter, the true love letter is the work we deliver to you every day. It comes with passion, creativity, and thoughtfulness behind every decision made. To our future clients, your letter is yet to be written. We are waiting on the edge of our seats to show you the same love that we show our current clients and friends.



Employee spotlight Kessler Core Value: Team Player This month’s highlights those individuals at Kessler Creative that represent aligning one’s wants and needs with those of the team to focus on the final goal for the entire process and organization. Much appreciation to:

12276 San Jose Blvd, Ste 111 Jacksonville, FL 32223

Amina Filan She helps in any department, wherever needed, and works to learn as much as possible, even if she’s only helping temporarily. Jon Curran He’s been so positive about wearing multiple hats since he’s been doing design and lists after only a short time here with us.

Welcome to the Team

Garrett Peaks Join us in welcoming our new HR/Office

Manager, Garrett Peaks. Garrett holds a Master’s degree from Jacksonville University in studio art and enjoys interior decorating, gardening, and landscaping in his free time!

Garrett previously taught as an art professor at the University of North Florida and for grades K-12. How cool is that?

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